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Employment and HealthCare Services


Business moves fast these days, and it's important that you have the right tools that help it succeed. MOLARI Employment and HealthCare Services can assist in facilitating staffing flexibility needed, so your business succeeds. We will enable you to increase staff for peak periods, unexpected staff shortages, vacations and special projects.


We can also help you find the best employee to fill a permanent opening. The MOLARI Employment and HealthCare Services bill rate is inclusive of all employer costs: payroll and benefits, statutory taxes, unemployment taxes, worker's compensation and professional liability costs, recruitment and administration fees and risk management.

Facilitating staffing flexibility for your business

Advantages for employers:

MOLARI Employment and HealthCare Services offer solutions for the entire spectrum of employer staffing challenges.

Temporary Staffing

Permanent and Executive Placement

Personnel Transfer Program

Meet your goals when it comes to staffing challenges

We can help you solve many HR-related issues, whether it is a partnership with an existing HR department, or in the case of small companies, in lieu of HR - from applicant pre-screening to recruitment and a range of customized services. Our resource pool includes individuals that fit a wide range of positions, from recent college graduates to experienced professionals.

Human resource solutions

Serving the business community of Pittsfield and the greater Berkshires since 1983


  • Customer flexibility for short and long-term staffing

  • Bill rate including all employer costs

  • Agency paid benefits for qualifying employees

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